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Indebted.com’s Video Game for Teens

Visit www.indebted.com and play “Debt Ski,” a financial video game that teaches kids about spending habits, indebtedness, and prioritizing.

Why Is It So Hard To Make a Good Decision?

Contributed by Jeff Stoffer, jeff@stofferwealthadvisors.com

Not long ago, I found myself engaged in the delicate task of trying to lead my son to a sensible decision without giving the impression I was telling him what to do. He was considering not taking traffic school for a speeding ticket. It’s rare to get the opportunity for […]

IDA Programs – a Guide for Providers

Starting an IDA Program? Check Out Our New Practice Brief

EARN is a leading provider of Individual Development Account (IDA) with over 2,300 accounts opened to date. An IDA is a 401K-like matched savings account that helps families save toward homeownership, postsecondary education, or small business. With a 2:1 and 3:1 match EARN has helped […]

San Francisco EARN


Works to break the cycle of poverty by matching the savings of low-wage workers and helping them invest in assets that build wealth, creating a cycle of prosperity across generations

San Francisco 235 Montgomery Street, Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94104view map (415) […]

Financial Train Wrecks: Parents May Be Young People’s Top Defense


Joyce Serido

The University of Arizona TCA Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research,




Paul Golden

National Endowment for Financial Education® […]

Teens and Parents can use this page to help locate resources to Get Money Smart!

Teens and tweens want to make better financial decisions down the road-76% of kids ages 11-17 say they’d like to learn the fundamentals of spending and saving.( Source: Capital One Back-To-School Study, July 2008)

Money management sites for […]